What is Language Audit

Language Audit is an independent study to evaluate the proficiency level of English for students who wish to undertake courses to improve their language skills. The Language Audit Test provides a clear view of the areas of strengths and weaknesses in language proficiency, such as grammar, syntax, tenses, vocabulary, comprehension, etc., and suggests areas for improvement. languageaudit.com provides Online English Language Audit Test to assess and evaluate language proficiency levels for students who do not have English as their native language. These tests have been specifically designed for students in India who find it difficult to master English language skills due to inadequate academic infrastructure in India and lack of wide scale exposure to the language. Online English language practice tests provided on languageaudit.com help students in India to improve their general English language skills and also help them to prepare for competitive exams, such as CAT, CLAT, SSC, Banking, and others. Students are expected to learn more and more from these English practice tests and mock papers and also take Online English Language Audit Test from time to time to assess and evaluate their language proficiency levels. For more details about the website and its content, please email us at info@langaugeaudit.com and we shall be happy to interact with you.