English Vocabulary Level I

English Vocabulary Level I Practice Test

  1. The teacher remarked, "George Ritman, you have done a remarkable job." She meant to say that George did:

    This newspaper prides itself for its objective and ____________ news coverage.

    The computer sorts out the various information. Here, 'sorts out' means:

    The principal was forced to __________ Swaminathan for his serious misconduct.

    A ___________ is the sight of someone or something for a moment.

    Ashoka’s _________ was full of peace.

    Which of the following does not mean ‘stimulating’?

    To break into a place to steal things is called:

    It was an arduous task as we had to push our bicycles up the steep hill. The word 'arduous' means:

    The teacher asked the students to ___________ the meaning of the word in the dictionary.



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