Idioms, Phrases and Proverbs

Idioms, Phrases and Proverbs Practice Test

  1. Raman explained, “The nurse watched me day and night during my illness.” He meant to say that the nurse...

    Complete the saying: A bad workman quarrels _________________.

    At the time of action, Sarmishtha Nayan showed the white feather. This means Sarmishtha Nayan...

    Ravi intervened in the dispute because he had an axe to grind. To have ‘an axe to grind’ means to:

    Complete the saying by choosing the correct option: Self-praise is ______________.

    My neighbour said,"I'm in a bind as I hit a cyclist with my car last night." The idiom 'in a bind' means...

    Meena had a tough time when her friends left her in a lurch. The idiom 'leave in a lunch' means:

    Abhiman used very ugly words against his kind uncle; he threw down the gauntlet before him.” The idiom 'throw down the gauntlet' means:

    After the Battle of Haldighati , Man Singh was under a cloud in the count of Akbar. The phrase 'under a cloud' means: