Sentence Formation Level II

Sentence Formation Level II Practice Test

  1. Students __________ no interest in studies because the curriculum __________ heavy.

    For the __________ of one’s goals, it is necessary that one should properly __________ one’s time.

    A 15 years old boy ____________ by the administration for saving a child from drowning. The teenager __________ a cash prize of Rs 1000.

    Akbar _________ Birbal with gold coins for his witty answer.

    I have called you several times this week. You ________ me once last summer.

    Mr. Sharma lives in the house next door. He _______ there for the past ten years.

    Miss Mary was _________ school teacher. She taught us _______ things.

    Lakshadweep coastline is a major attraction and a vista of sandy beaches contrasted ________ rockbound shoreline.