English Vocabulary Level II

English Vocabulary Level II Practice Test

  1. Which of these matches the meaning of the word 'quittance'?

    Raman loves to collect postage stamps and learn more about them. Raman can be described as a:

    In the course of time, Babu became almost a shadow of Mahavir. Which of the following word is similar in meaning to the word 'shadow':

    Pick out the word which means the same as 'outlandish'.

    Nilesh remarked, "What a tantrum was shown by that little boy." A tantrum means...

    Ranbeer was met by his friends and greeted with hilarity. The word 'hilarity' means:

    A disease that spreads through physical contact is called:

    A person who can work efficiently with both hands is called:

    The caterpillar was squirming on the floor. The word 'squirming' means: