Verbs and Tenses, Phrasal Verbs

Verbs and Tenses, Phrasal Verbs Practice Test

  1. Ramesh said, “My car broke down on way to the railway station.” The phrasal verb 'broke down' means:

    My friend Sushmit has promised to stand by me in difficult times. The phrasal verb 'stand by' means:

    The board meeting was ____________ because all the delegates could not arrive in time.

    Newspaper Headline: Justice Kurdukar Elevated to SC The chief justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court Justice S. P. Kurdukar _______________ to the Supreme Court.

    The word ‘Eureka’ _________ , I ________ it.

    Suresh had to __________ to his opponents when he could not find any good argument.

    The scheme __________ due to shortage of money. Choose the correct phrasal verb:

    The real estate agents believe that the prices of land in Delhi ___________ by at least 10 percent during last year.

    Mr Gupta left the class early. So the principal __________ an explanation. The most appropriate phrasal verb will be:

    It is a difficult task to ____________ children properly.



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